Architecture Notes and Resources

  • let business value guide all architecture decisions
  • evolutionary architectures are needed to support rapid rate of business and technology change


  • “Architecture is about the important stuff. Whatever that is”
  • the decisions you wish you could get right early in a project
  • the shared understanding that the expert developers have of the system design
  • how the components are assembled and organized. This will be done in a way that meets the quality attributes.
  • significant design decisions that shape a system, where significant is measured by cost of change - Grady Booch

Key Questions

  • who are the users
  • what devices and form factors will be used
  • what is the context of their usage
  • scale and growth
  • who are the main actors in the system (domain objects - e.g. orders, products, etc.)
  • data classifications (pii)
  • data types and sizes (relation records, documents, media files, etc.)
  • what is the time frame for delivery
  • is there an existing product / SaaS / open-source / etc. that provides the solution or a portion / components of it
  • Capacity estimation & Constraints
  • Functional Requirements
  • Non Functional Requirements - Latency, Consistency, Availability, High Throughput, etc.
  • Out of scope
  • organization and teams structure

see for good reference

Organization Considerations

  • engineering (application & platform)
  • operations (application & platform)

Quality Attributes

  • reliability - ability to continue to operate under predefined conditions
  • availability - ratio of the available system time to the total working time
  • scalability - ability of the system to handle load increases without decreasing performance
  • efficiency
  • performance
  • security
  • cost
  • interoperability
  • correctness
  • maintainability
  • readability
  • extensibility
  • testability



Capture all changes to an application state as a sequence of events.

Core Design Decisions

  • Domain Entities and Events
  • Event Content
    • each event stores delta state
    • each event stores full state
      • idempotent is easy to solve for duplicate events
  • Total Ordering (ordered stream of events - ledger)
    • ensure all event are processed in order. this is needed for causal relationships.
    • e.g. ordering matters for two messages related to the same entity



Allow an application to equally be driven by users, programs, automated test or batch scripts, and to be developed and tested in isolation from its eventual run-time devices and databases.


Topics / Concepts / Terms


Shuffle Sharding

limits / isolates tenants in a multi-tenant system so they don’t negatively impact other tenants. method of assigning tenant to resources.


Constant Work

overprovision resources to the point where it would operate correctly even if an availability zone were to be unavailable

If AZ becomes unavailable, no new resources need to be provisioned, just a quick re-routing. you are essentially always operating the infrastructure for failure mode (active-active)



A canary release is a technique to reduce the risk from deploying a new version of software into production. A new version of software, referred to as the canary, is deployed to a small subset of users alongside the stable running version. Traffic is split between these two versions such that a portion of incoming requests are diverted to the canary. This approach can quickly uncover any problems with the new version without impacting the majority of users.



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