AWS App Runner

learn AWS App Runner


  • good service to get users “closer” to serverless on eases the onboarding to AWS for solutions
  • less knobs/options to turn/get wrong
  • it’s cheap, but not as cheap as lambda.
  • public only endpoints for now
  • similar goals and roadmap as GCP Cloud Run (AWS is playing catch-up)
  • More choices for containers and potentially confusing for customers (container options menu is getting pretty big)



You are charged for the compute and memory resources used by your application. In addition, if you automate your deployments, you will pay a set monthly fee for each application that covers all automated deployments for that month. If you opt to deploy from source code, you will pay a build fee for the amount of time it takes App Runner to build a container from your source code.


# setup
mkdir hello-app-runner
touch apprunner.yaml

# install venv and deps
pipenv install

# run locally
pipenv run python

# deploy
aws apprunner create-service --service-name ${SERVICE_NAME} \
    --source-configuration file://apprunner.yaml