AWS AppFlow Salesforce EventBridge

AWS AppFlow example of salesforce event -> AppFlow -> EventBridge -> CloudWatch Logs. Followed steps in Building Salesforce integrations with Amazon EventBridge and Amazon AppFlow | Amazon Web Services post.


  • observed low latency - AppFlow flow runs within 2 seconds of event being generated in salesforce.
  • only fields specified in mapping are passed to EventBridge as properties of detail.
  • Private Amazon AppFlow flows is available for salesforce that uses AWS PrivateLink to route data over AWS infrastructure without exposing it to the public internet

Screenshot Tour

Turn on Change Data Capture for the relevant objects in salesforce

Error when CDC is not turned on in salesforce for the object

AppFlow leverages already installed/available “Amazon AppFlow Embedded Login App” Connected App in salesforce

Run History

Event in CloudWatch Logs

AppFlow Mapping