AWS Delivlib

learn aws-delivlib, which is a library that leverages AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for defining continuous pipelines for building, testing and publishing code libraries through AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline.


  • pipeline source github repo must exist. (e.g. pfeilbr/aws-delivlib-playground)
  • github personal access token must be stored in SSM Parameter named /com/brianpfeil/aws-delivlib-playground/github-personal-access-token


src/pipeline-hello-world is an example code pipeline where the source is this github repo (pfeilbr/aws-delivlib-playground). The source nodejs app is src/hello-world with jest tests.

Code Pipeline

source -> build -> test (linux)
                -> test (windows)

If any of the tests (*.sh) in src/pipeline-hello-world/tests/ change, be sure to do a npm run build && npm run cdk deploy. Internally uses assets.ZipDirectoryAsset from "@aws-cdk/assets" package.

mkdir -p src/pipeline-hello-world
cd src/pipeline-hello-world
cdk init --language typescript

# at this time, `aws-delivlib` is not using the most recent version of CDK
# need to do the following
# see
npm remove aws-cdk @aws-cdk/core aws-delivlib
npm i aws-cdk@0.24.1 -D
npm i @aws-cdk/cdk@0.24.1
npm i aws-delivlib

# for dev
npm run watch

# build
npm run build

# generate cfn to stdout
npm run cdk synth

# deploy stack
npm run cdk deploy

# make changes

# build
npm run build

# diff
npm run cdk diff

# delete stack
npm run cdk destroy

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