AWS Serverless Application Repository

learn AWS Serverless Application Repository

Example using SAM CLI

# define deployment bucket

# init sam app
sam init --runtime nodejs
cd sam-app

# " create a Lambda deployment package".
# add Metadata section to `template.yml`. see

# package
sam package \
    --template-file template.yaml \
    --output-template-file packaged.yaml \
    --s3-bucket $BUCKET

# publish to SAR.  will be private by default
sam publish \
    --template packaged.yaml \
    --region us-east-1

# create SAM app to consume SAR (embedded SAR)
# embed SAR (`Type: AWS::Serverless::Application`) in template.  see
touch embed-serverless-application.yaml

# package embedded app
sam package \
    --template-file embed-serverless-application.yaml \
    --output-template-file embed-serverless-application-packaged.yaml \
    --s3-bucket $BUCKET

# define name for stack

# deploy embedded app.  note usage of `CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND` param
sam deploy --template-file ./embed-serverless-application-packaged.yaml --stack-name "$STACK_NAME" --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND

# two stacks are created.  the parent (sam-app/embed-serverless-application-packaged.yaml) and the emb embedded SAR (packaged.yaml)

# cleanup / remove stack(s)
aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name "$STACK_NAME"

SAR App in Console

Nested CFN Stacks

Example using aws serverlessrepo CLI

can also be done (and is preferred) via sam cli. see above.

mkdir sar-cli-example
cd sar-cli-example


aws serverlessrepo list-applications

# create appliction
aws serverlessrepo create-application \
--author 'Brian Pfeil' \
--description $APP_NAME \
--name $APP_NAME \
--semantic-version 0.0.1 \
--template-body file://./s3-bucket-template.yaml

# fetch ApplicationId
APP_ID=$(aws serverlessrepo list-applications | jq --raw-output ".Applications[] | select(.Name == \"$APP_NAME\").ApplicationId")

# create request to create cfn template (async operation)
TEMPLATE_ID=$(aws serverlessrepo create-cloud-formation-template --application-id "$APP_ID" | jq --raw-output ".TemplateId")

# fetch the cfn template
TEMPLATE_URL=$(aws serverlessrepo get-cloud-formation-template --application-id "$APP_ID" --template-id "$TEMPLATE_ID" | jq --raw-output ".TemplateUrl")

# view cfn template

# delete app
aws serverlessrepo delete-application --application-id "$APP_ID"