AWS Vscode Dev Container

a vscode devcontainer for aws development

Visual Studio Code Remote - Containers extension lets you use a Docker container as a full-featured development environment. It allows you to open any folder inside (or mounted into) a container and take advantage of Visual Studio Code’s full feature set.


To use this repo as a template for an AWS project

gh repo clone pfeilbr/aws-vscode-dev-container my-aws-project
cd my-aws-project
sam init

Install into existing repo

mkdir -p .devcontainer
pushd .devcontainer
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
chmod +x

Login with AWS SSO

mkdir ~/.bin && cd $_
wget && \
chmod +x aws-sso-credential-process

aws configure set credential_process ${HOME}/.bin/aws-sso-credential-process
touch ~/.aws/credentials && chmod 600 $_
aws configure sso --profile default


# aws credentials are mounted into the guest container via `~/.aws`s
# source=/home/ec2-user/.aws,target=/root/.aws



* ...


## Files

* [`.devcontainer/devcontainer.json`](.devcontainer/devcontainer.json)
* [`.devcontainer/Dockerfile`](.devcontainer/Dockerfile)


## Resources

* [Developing inside a Container](