Azure Kubernetes Service AKS

learn azure kubernetes service


# create resource group
az group create --name "pfeilbr-aks-01" --location eastus

# create cluster
az aks create \
    --resource-group "pfeilbr-aks-01" \
    --name "pfeilbr-aks-01" \
    --node-count 1 \
    --location eastus \
    --enable-addons monitoring \

# set connectivity to cluster for kubectl
az aks get-credentials --resource-group "pfeilbr-aks-01" --name "pfeilbr-aks-01"

# list cluster nodes
kubectl get nodes

# deploy
kubectl apply -f azure-vote.yaml

# monitor deployment progress
kubectl get service azure-vote-front --watch

# open "EXTERNAL-IP" in browser to view webapp

# delete cluster
az group delete --name "pfeilbr-aks-01" --yes --no-wait