Project to learn and experiment with the Karma javascript test runner. Karma runs your javascript tests in multiple browsers.

Quickstart Tutorial

  1. Change to project directory

     $ cd ~/projects/karma-playground
  2. New NPM project

     $ npm init

    accept all defaults

  3. Install karma

    # Install Karma:
    $ npm install karma --save-dev
    # Install plugins that your project needs:
    $ npm install karma-jasmine karma-chrome-launcher --save-dev
  4. Install global karma cli so we can type karma without the full path from anywhere.

     $ npm install -g karma-cli
  5. Create sample test.

    Using Jasmine for our example.

    $ mkdir test
    $ touch test/sample1.js
    // test/sample1.js
    describe("A suite", function() {
      it("contains spec with an expectation", function() {
  6. Generate the karma configuration file

     $ karma init my.conf.js
  7. Start karma

     # Start Karma using your configuration:
     $ karma start my.conf.js

    You’ll see Chrome or the browsers you chose start