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Example Apps

see README.md in subdirectories of apps/


  • stacks is a prebuilt root file system (rootfs) that supports a specific operating system (https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/devguide/deploy-apps/stacks.html)

    e.g. cflinuxfs3: The Linux cflinuxfs3 stack is derived from Ubuntu Bionic 18.04.

  • uses buildpacks to support different languages/run-times (based on heroku buildpack scheme). buildpacks are layered on top of stacks
  • supports Deploy an App with Docker
  • Restaging your app stops your app and restages it, by compiling a new droplet and starting it.
  • Task: A task is an app or script whose code is included as part of a deployed app, but runs independently in its own container.

cf cli session

cf help

# install PCF Dev <https://pivotal.io/pcf-dev>

# start environment (VM, etc).  takes ~5 mins.
cf dev start

# To begin using PCF Dev, please run:
#    cf login -a https://api.local.pcfdev.io --skip-ssl-validation
# Apps Manager URL: https://apps.local.pcfdev.io
# Admin user => Email: admin / Password: admin
# Regular user => Email: user / Password: pass

cf login -a https://api.local.pcfdev.io --skip-ssl-validation

# web UI
open https://apps.local.pcfdev.io
# login: admin/admin

cd ~/dev

# fetch sample
git clone https://github.com/cloudfoundry-samples/spring-music
cd spring-music

# build
./gradlew assemble

# deploy app
cf push --hostname spring-music

# show logs
cf logs spring-music --recent

# stream logs
cf logs spring-music

# view app resources
cf app spring-music

# show app ENV
cf env spring-music

# run a task (simple `ls`)
cf run-task spring-music "ls" --name my-task

# view task output
cf logs spring-music --recent

# list tasks for an app (running, failed, succeeded)
cf tasks spring-music

# cancel a task
cf terminate-task spring-music TASK-ID

# stop app
cf stop spring-music

# show routes
cf routes

# stop environment (VMs, etc.)
cf dev stop