RStudio On SageMaker

learn RStudio on Amazon SageMaker


  • fully managed and self-serve RStudio solution. elimiinates administrative overhead.
  • access to scalable AWS resources
  • provides R users with native environment withing SageMaker
  • direct access to all tools SageMaker offers (via reticulate)
  • fully integrated with SageMaker ecosystem. e.g. Access to SageMaker Built-In Algorithms
  • browser based RStudio workbench
  • launch RStudio app w/in SageMaker Domain
  • launch RStudio session
    • select ec2 instance type
  • session has user home directory backed by s3
  • installed R pkgs are preserved in home dir
  • every session uses same home dir
  • develop shiny apps, etc. plumber apis
  • R reticulate package offers integration with python for working with SM easily from R
    • import py package and ref from r variable. proxies calls from r to py
  • coming soon
    • custom images for RStudio Workbench
    • RStudio Connect managed by SageMaker

      RStudio Connect is a publishing platform for the work your teams create in R and Python. RStudio Connect allows you to share the following, and more, in one convenient place: Shiny applications. R Markdown reports. Plumber APIs.


Launch RStudio from SM Domain

Creating new session in Studio Workbench

Workbench UI

Shiny App Example

Plumber API Example

R Integration with Boto3 SageMaker package via R reticulate package

Running SageMaker Training Job from R

Deploying SageMaker Real-time Predication API Endpoint