learn and experiment with TACO (Tools for Apache Cordova)

setup log

taco create taco-playground
cd taco-playground/
taco platform add ios
taco install-reqs ios
taco build ios

// livereload of web asset (.js, .html. css) changes via BrowserSync
taco emulate ios --livereload

// add a plugin using cordova
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-device

taco build ios

// launch in emulator
taco emulate ios --livereload

// NOTE: see livereload workaround below if livereload doesn't work

Workaround for TACO livereload not working


$ cdvlive ios --target="iPhone-6s, 9.2"

see https://github.com/Microsoft/TACO/issues/269 for details

Livereload issue