Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect was announced at Dreamforce ‘13 shortly after salesforce aquired cloudconnect. Cloudconnect is the original product created by Adam Gross, formerly of Dropbox that became Heroku Connect. There’s a rich developer ecosystem around web apps built with popular web frameworks such as Rails, Django, Express, Symfony, etc. All of these frameworks assume a relational database as a backend, which because of it’s age, usage, and rich set of existing toolsets, makes it easy to get started with. [Read More]

Hosting Static Sites on Heroku

I was recently creating a web site for a family member, and was looking around for the best place to host it. It’s a simple personal site that only contains static content. There are many options out there from the freebie wordpress options to rackspace and the like. None of the “web publishing platform” type sites were a fit because I wanted full control over the layout, and look and feel of the site. [Read More]
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