React Native - Initial Thoughts

React Native was released as open source yesterday. There’s been quite a bit of build up and excitement since the React.js Conf 2015 video. The video showed a real app being built with a web development style workflow (your favorite editor with livereload). I’ve built some apps using React.js and really appreciate the simplicity and development workflow. Having the same for native app development definitely is exciting. I’ve gottent to spend a few hours with it and it looks like it’s living up to the hype. [Read More]

Cross-platform Desktop Apps with NW.js

Post is based on the pfeilbr/nwjs-playground project. NW.js Playground Project to learn and experiment with NW.js. NW.js enables the creation of cross platform desktop applications. Your UI is built with standard html, js, and css technologies. Access to the underlying desktop OS capabilites are provided by giving you access to node.js. You can use the Node.js core modules plus any of the 3rd party NPM modules; Installing NW.js Download and unpack nwjs app for your platform from http://nwjs. [Read More]

Best Fit Web Font Sizing

I’ve been working on a web app that targets both smartphones and tablets. The large variation in screen sizes has sent me down the path of using a dynamic proportional layout that adapts to fit the available space. For example, I’ve allocated 20% of the available vertical space to the header section that displays a title. The jQuery UI.Layout Plug-in has worked great for laying out the content areas, but I ran into a wall when it came to sizing my text proportionately. [Read More]